Offering happy endings

for Mustangs with good starts

Gentled mustangs

by certified professional trainers

Adotions fee $125

No Additional charge for training


Project Mustang Inc is a for-profit collective of professional horsemen, government agencies and business leaders concerned with the future of this species — how they are trained, maintained and kept.

Thinking outside the barn

Mustang adoptions are historically low, but not due to a lack of demand. Competitions, awareness campaigns and the addition of the Trainer's Incentive Program - TIP, A NEW DEMAND FOR 'gentled' mustangs was created.

Project Mustang was founded by Jonathan Deeley and Seth "Bubba" Whitley, both combat veterans, professional horse trainers and TIP participants.
"With four mustangs, gentled and eating our hay, all while waiting to be adopted, Bubba and I had an idea. Current advertising methods weren't effective and we needed to think outside the barn.
"When the dust settled, we had our mobile app. It is designed to connect trainers and their ‘gentled’ mustangs to waiting adopters. And we decided it should be free."

Our part of the Solution

for America's Mustang

Our Mobile App, with its collaboratively collected
and combined databases (including every adoptable mustang
and certified trainer), we now have the potential
to locate permanent homes for every adoptable mustang.

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