Creating Positive
and Lasting Results

If you interact with a horse, then you are a trainer. So let us give you the tools and knowledge to make you sucessful and lasting results. We train your horse and teach you how they communicate, move and think.

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The American Mustang
Training & Adoptions

We are aurguably the most successful trainers of BLM mustangs. It is rare that you will witness a horse in its most primal state. Observe their training in person or with live video feeds. Then adopt one for only $125.

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Horse Evaluations
& Training Plans

In addition to our most economical training option, this plan is very effecitve for owners currently engaged with a trainer but have hit a road block with their horse. Plan includes horse and rider evaluation, a written assesment and training plan unique to your issues and horse.

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I am Jonathan Deeley, Stable Master and Training Officer for the US Army Caisson and the Director of Training at The Equestrian Training Center in Schertz, Texas.

Spanning over thirty years, Mr. Deeley’s extensive training and teaching experience has earned him national and international recognition as one of the most successful trainers of both wild and domestic horses. Using his unique perspective, approach and thorough knowledge of how a horse thinks, moves and communicates, he has developed training programs for the BLM'sWild Horse program, The US Army’s Military Funeral Honors Caisson Section and Riding Clubs. It is Mr. Deeley’s firm belief it is never the horse’s fault, owners should train alongside their horse and he’s getting too old to keep breaking horses.

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My Greatest Assignment - An Honor

In 2010, I left the comfort of my traning ranch to serve as Stable Master and Training Officer of the Fort Sam Houston Military Honors Platoon, Caisson (one of only two full-time caisson units in the US Army). It has been my honor.

As acting Platoon Leader, I am responsible for the Caisson mission, ensuring all assigned tasks are structured to provide the most efficient and effective execution. Additionally, I am responsible for ensuring all equipment, material and resource requirements for mission are provided. I serve as the subject matter expert for all equine management related issues, methods, animal training techniques.

In the processs, I have developed of one of the country’s most effective and safe horsemanship programs (safe seat with mindful control of the horse). This program will soon be recognized as the Skill Standard for Horsemanship Foundation Training.


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