Mustangs: American Legends

A mustang is different than a domestic horse in the way a dog is different than a wolf. As humans, we bred the gentleness into the horse. And within hours of birth, the domestic horse learns from its mother that humans are for the most part 'safe' and can be trusted at least to give food and comfort.

Mustangs are a medium-sized breed, standing on average at 15 hands and average 900 pounds. Usually, they are bay or sorrel. Without human intervention, their population could double in size every four years.

Mustangs have little or no motivation to do as we ask. And until gentled, they have no idea idea why you want to touch them. Emotions are amplfied and they are not as forgiving to excessive pressure as their domestic counterpart. Most of our failures and disappointment with horses are directly related to how little we understand them. Only by witnessessing these horse in their most primal state will you understand what we mean. Understanding the basic needs of any horse, particulary the mustang, is key to approaching the fist step in its training - GENTLING.

Safety, comfort and water rank high on the list of a horse's needs. Food, however, is close to last (have you ever seen grass runaway from a horse?). Methods used to train a domestic horses are not only ineffective on a mustang, but can trigger dangerous reactions. The relationship must be built on trust and that is earned by fulfilling the horse's basic needs - or his instincts will tell him to follow someone else. Respect, on the otherhand, is LEARNED.

Only after this trust has been established, can you employ their language to teach. Even then care must be taken not to "ask too loudly" and at all cost avoid confusion. We never begin the breaking process until we are certain I a connection has been established and a dialog of understanding and respect has begun.

Mustangs for Adoptoion

We adopted all four beautiful geldings for the month of September. However Bubba and I will be heading to pick up another bunch of wild ones soon. If protential adopters have specific preferences (mare, gelding, size, color...), let us know.

Adoption fees are still only $125 paid to the BLM, once the application has been approved. The BLM will mail approved adopters a contract that needs to be signed and returned with the adoption fee.

The last horses we selected from the holding facility were good sized. Please remember, you are not only adopting an amazing horse and a part of American history, but a graduate of our sucessful training system.

Adopt An
American Legend trained by the best team in the business. 'Just saying.'

BLM Adoption Form

Seth "Bubba" Whitely and I are arguably the best training team in the business. Just under our unique sense of humor lies decades of horse experience and military training that results in teamwork that many have called magical.

In the early stages of gentling a wild mustang, you must similtainusouly teach the horse our definition of pressure and convince the mustang we represent safety and comfort. Easier with a partner that knows every move you are going to make, keeping me and the horse safe.

What once took weeks, can now be achieved in minutes without using any methods that cause pain, fear of pain or confusion. Our goal is to correctly start a mustang using their own language, understanding their movements and appealing to their intincts. Once the basic needs of the horse hae been addressed, the horse begins to trust and additional lessons of pressure and release can begin.

The results are the same: a trusting, loyal, willing and even jealous partner in a horse. You will never be able to train the instincts out of the mustang,nor would you want to. You won't be able to train the horse to be another horse or train a horse not to be a horse. And non of this is a secret, we teach the adopter as well.


First Come First Earned

The first step is download the adoption application, mail the completed application to the BLM office. If approved (and most are), the BLM will mail back an agreement. Mail the signed agreement with a check for $125 and the horse is yours. The whole process takes about two weeks. Being pre-approved is a plus. We are here to help in any way,


Why Adopt from Us

Putting aside the nearly 30 years of horse training experience, we utilize BLM aproved trailers to transport mustangs as well as board their horses at our certified facility (backed up by site visits from the Bureau of Land Management).

To be aproved to apdopt a wild horse on your own, your facilities must meet minimum requirements, including an outside corral with a minimum of 400 square feet (20x20) per animal (and not more than 50x50). All fences and gates must be at least six-feet high. Fencing material should be wooden planks spaced no more than one foot apart. Absolutely no barb wire, electric wire, T-posts, or high-tensile tubing. However, once a mustang is gentled, the BLM will allow the horses to be maintained in pastures or in box stalls with daily turnout.

Although the BLM has established basic training requirements (halter broke, able to pickup feet and trailer load), we always exceed minimum. The Equestrian has earned national and international reputation for its foundation training of horses. Your prospecive horse will recieve the same attention and fooundation training as all our horses.