Mustangs: American Legends

The horse was reintroduced to the New World by Columbus in 1493. Hernando Cortez, Spanish conqueror of Mexico, is credited with being the first to land horses on the North American. The name was derived from the Spanish word mustengo, which means "ownerless beast" or "stray horse."

Mustangs are a medium-sized breed, standing on average at 15 hands and average 900 pounds. Usually, they are bay or sorrel. Without human intervention, their population could double in size every four years.

Most of our failures and disappointment with horses are directly related to how little we understand them. Only by witnessessing a horse in its most primal state will you understand what I mean. Understanding the basic needs of any horse, particulary the mustang, is key to approaching the fist step in its training - GENTLING.

Safety, comfort and water rank high on the list of a horse's needs. Food, however, is close to last (I've never seen grass runaway from a horse). Training methods used on domestic horses are ineffective on a mustang. The relationship must be built on trust and that is earned by fulfilling the horse's basic needs - or his instincts will tell him to follow someone else. Respect, on the otherhand, is LEARNED.

Only after this trust has been established, can you employ their language to teach. Even then care must be taken not to "ask too loudly" and at all cost avoid confusion. I will never begin the breaking process until I am certain I have made a connection with the horse and established a dialog of understanding and respect.

Mustangs for Adoptoion

We HAD four beautiful geldings available for adoption, however we now only have one remaining to adopt. He is tag 0058 and his adoption qualifies for the BLM's adoption incentive program. This mean the when the adopter recieves the title of their horse, they also recieve a check from the BLM for $500.

Adoption fees are still only $125 paid to the BLM, once the application has been approved. The BLM will mail approved adopters a contract that needs to be signed and returned with the adoption fee.

The last horses we selected from the holding facility are of good size and temperment. Adopters not only get an amazing horse, a part of American history, but a graduate of our sucessful training system.

Adopt An
American Legend

BLM Adoption Form

We do all the heavy lifting, so to speak. We visit the holding facilities and after carefully evaluating the available gathered horses, pick the most desirable and transport them to our training facility. We gentle the horse per the requirements of the BLM and then offer the horses for adoption for $125. Adoption fees are paid directly to them. We are compensated by the MHF. Interested parties are welcome to watch the training and participate.


First Come First Earned

Call or email us to get the process started. Full disclosure: I work with horses between 10 and 14 hours a day - everyday. So I rerely answer the phone and check emails after dark. You are welcome to text me as I check that more frequently (mostly when I'm driving)


Why Adopt from Us

Putting aside the nearly 30 years of horse training experience, we utilize BLM aproved trailers to transport mustangs as well as board their horses at our certified facility (backed up by site visits from the Bureau of Land Management).

To be aproved to apdopt a wild horse on your own, your facilities must meet minimum requirements, including an outside corral with a minimum of 400 square feet (20x20) per animal (and not more than 50x50). All fences and gates must be at least six-feet high. Fencing material should be wooden planks spaced no more than one foot apart. Absolutely no barb wire, electric wire, T-posts, or high-tensile tubing. However, once a mustang is gentled, the BLM will allow the horses to be maintained in pastures or in box stalls with daily turnout.

Although the BLM has established basic training requirements (halter broke, able to pickup feet and trailer load), we always exceed minimum. The Equestrian has earned national and international reputation for its foundation training of horses. Your prospecive horse will recieve the same attention and fooundation training as all our horses.