Training and Promoting our favorite horse and elevating it above welfare status has always been our mission. We don't do it for fame or futurne. It is our passion to train, and our desire to spotlight the mustang for what it is: a versatile, loyal horse with value. A teachable legend with its own ability to teach and inspire.

a new approach to

mustang ownership

using our technology, aided by the collaborative efforts of
skilled trainers and strategic partnerships,
we are revolutionizing Mustang adoptions.

Adopting a legacy

Our Team

Jonathan Deeley

MR. DEELEY's extensive training and teaching experience has earned him national and international Recognition as one of the most successful trainers of both wild and Domestic horses.

Seth 'bubba' whitley

A combination of experience and horsemanship skills earned Mr. whitley the position of senior trainer And Partner of The Equestrian Training Center and Project Mustang.

Kayla Hensley

Digital Strategy Advisor. Presidental appointment - Department of Energy and served on President Trump's election campaign.

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