Jonathan Deeley

I am a professional horse trainer, specializing in Foundation Training and Taming Wild Mustangs.

I am a certified trainer of wild mustangs with an approved facility by the BLM, competed by invitation in the 2009 Extreme Mustang Makeover, frequent guest speaker and member of the North American Mounted Unit Commander’s Association (mounted law enforcement). I am a former Naval Combat pilot and horrible driver.


Director of Training at The Equestrian

The Equestrian Training Center was launched over 20 years ago to teach the horse and train the rider, using my unique training system. Rather than being confined to a method, this system is skill based, presented in a specific order to horse and rider that causes the least amount of confusion, producing effective and lasting results.

When I first started riding, we were taught to ride a horse. That art of teaching balance was lost to a multitude of disciplines competing for distinction - with varied body positions. Then the industry did a 180 when the correspondence horse training era began. Not only did we have countless riding disciplines competing for style, but now we had popular TV trainers with competing methods of training.

It has been my goal to change the "method" mindset and focus on Skill Sets. Learning the Skill is greater than the method, so long as the method does not cause pain, fear of pain or confusion.


Platoon Leader FSH Military Honors Caisson

As acting Platoon Leader for Military Funeral Honors, Caisson, Fort Sam Houston (Army North), redesigned the caisson training program, reducing injuries, and establishing one of the most sucessful and effective training systems in the country.


President of The Equestrian Academy

As a professional trainer for nearly 30 years with a national and international reputation, I've broken and trained nearly a thousand horses. But no one can ride a green horse anymore. This is because we no longer teach the SEAT or even basic horsemanship (balanced, secure rider combined knowledge-based control of the horse). Based on The Equestiran Center's core value of involving owner/rider participation, The Equestrian Academy was imagined - a facility designed from the ground up to educated future horse trainers and professionals.

In addition to learning the seat, studentsAreas of study include philosopy, anatomy, equine law, saddle making, farrier skills, and therapy with horses. Combined with a clear understanding of how the horse moves, thinks and communicates, we will produce effective trainers, held to a higher standard with employable skills.

This system is expected to be recogized as the Skill Standard in Texas and is under review by FEI.